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Ancient Warfare

Warfare was a big part of life in the ancient Greek world. This page brings together our animations with warfare themes. 

Hoplites! Greeks at War shows a warrior training, reading omens, travelling with the army and fighting a battle.

Clash of the Dicers features mythical warriors all Greek soldiers looked up to - Achilles and Ajax. We see them in the down time between battles.

Well-Wishers sees a warrior leaving home for a campaign.

Amazon sees one of antiquity's famous mythical women warriors take on a chariot.

Detail of a Greek pot with the text "Hoplites! Greeks at War" superimposed on it.

Hoplites! Greeks at War

Ancient Greek vase depicting the warriors Achilles and Ajax sitting playing dice.

Clash of the Dicers

A young man shakes the hand of an older man


four horses pull a chariot


Palamedes and birds flying in formation

Palamedes - Games Master