The Cheat

This was commissioned by the Open University for their open access study unit, The Ancient Olympics: Bridging Past and Present, winner of the 2012 OCW open courseware award.


Cheating wasn’t encouraged at the ancient Olympics, but we know it happened!

about the animation

This animation was based on a fragment of vase housed in the Ure Museum.

The outsized hands and large thighs influenced the running style, and the use of the crack by the runner to climb to the level the horse is on adds an extra dimension to the animation.



The audio was produced from the sound of feet running on gravel.  This was distorted to produce an interesting sound that fits well with the animation.

vase details

Fragment of an Attic, black figure cup, a kylix.  High Archaic, c.550BCE.  Ure Museum,

(Accession Number: 51.4.6)

follow-up viewing


A Panoply animation made from the same piece: Hermes’ Favour

Another race: Bad Karma

An athlete boasts: The Love of Honour

This is a photo of the vase fragment in situ at the Ure Museum.

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