Panoply Vase Animation Project

is run by

Steve K. Simons


Sonya Nevin

combining Steve’s animation skills with Sonya’s expertise in ancient Greek culture.

  pan·o·ply  (păn′ə-plē)

1. A splendid or striking array: a panoply of vases.

2. Ceremonial attire with all accessories: a portrait of the general in full panoply.

3. Something that covers and protects: a porcupine's panoply of quills.

4. The complete arms and armour of a warrior.

[Greek panopliā : pan-, pan- + hopla, arms, armour,

pl. of hoplon, weapon.]


Steve and Sonya at Westminster with the Ure View animations.

Steve has been making vase animations since 2007.  With a history in software engineering, Steve studied multimedia production and design before becoming a freelance animator.


Sonya is a Research Fellow at the University of Roehampton in London.  She did her doctorate on ancient Greek warfare at University College Dublin.  She has worked and volunteered in the Ure Museum, the UCD Classical Museum, and the Royal Museums Greenwich.  Sonya’s research and teaching interests include religion, warfare, and historiography.

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In this interview, Sonya talks about the Panoply animations with Classics Confidential’s Dr Anastasia Bakogianni.

Panoply animations are created from the actual scenes which decorate ancient Greek vases.

We keep as close as we can to the original artwork in creating the animations.

Some of the animations are in use in museums, while others feature in online learning modules.

They also work well in the classroom.  If you’ve used them for teaching in school or Higher Ed., we’d love to hear from you about what you did - get in touch.

We are currently working on two European Research Council funded projects:

Our Mythical Childhood with the Universities of Warsaw and Roehampton and Locus Ludi with the University of Fribourg in Switzerland.  More on this next year!

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To share info and ideas about our animations, we’ve written these publications:

on using animation in museums:


A. Smith and S. Nevin (2014) 'Using Animation for Successful Engagement, Promotion, and Learning’, in

Advancing Engagement: Handbook for Academic Museums, Vol. 3,

S. Jandl and M. Gold (eds.)

MuseumsEtc Ltd: Edinburgh and Boston, 330-359.

Full book available at:

for a detailed discussion of content:


S. Nevin (2015)  'Animating Ancient Warfare:

The Spectacle of War in the Panoply Vase Animations’, in

War as Spectacle.  Ancient and Modern Perspectives on the

Display of Armed Conflict,

A. Bakogianni and V. Hope (eds.) 2015

Bloomsbury Academic Publishing: London.

Available to order via:

for ideas for teaching:


S. Nevin (2015) 'Animations of Ancient Vase Scenes in the Classics Classroom’, Journal of Classics Teaching, 16, pp.32-37 Free access via this link:

an overview:


S. Nevin 'Animating Ancient Vases’,

in Iris Online.

Free access via this link:

in the news:


Below is a list of some of the media coverage of the Panoply Vase Animation Project. If you’re a journalist looking to write a piece about us, feel free to get in touch.


Oxford University Arts Blog  (UK, Sept, 2016)


University of Roehampton, News  (UK, Sept, 2016)


*Anaskafi  (Greece, Sept 2016 – interview, in Greek)


Vesti  (Russia, Sept 2016, in Russian, page translatable)


Committee for Cultural Policy  (USA, Sept 2016)


*Greek TV  (USA, April 2016 - interview)


*Tomorrow Daily  (USA, December 2014 - Panoply at 9.28)


Open Culture (USA, December 2014)






Hyperallergic (USA, September 2014)


Lifo  (Greece, October 2013 & August 2014) on

Every Soldier has a Story and on Ure Discovery


The History Blog (USA, December 2014)


National Geographic  (Serbian ed., October 2014)


Canada Arts Connect (Canada, October 2014)


Polit  (Russia, April 2013)



* our favourites


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